Adelina BurkeAddie Burke was originally introduced to Chinese knowledge when she studied Chinese nutrition at the age of twenty one, she healed herself from anemia, gastritis bad circulation and early stages of diabetes, she lost 40 pounds and she stopped using her glasses utilizing the principals of Chinese nutrition.

Being exposed to these dramatic improvements in her health at such young age she dedicated her life to researching how human beings can improve their lives following nature’s principals.

In her search she found out that the principals of Chinese knowledge applied to different aspects of our lives. She learned that the environment where we live and work plays a big impact in our wellbeing.

She studied Feng Shui for fifteen years, twelve of them with Master Shyan Tseng. She was selected by her master for advance training with Feng Shui principals and methods that has been passed down from master to student in a linage of thirteen generations.

She is a member of Alliance Feng Shui, a select international organization of experts that concentrates on traditional Feng Shui.

Addie’s experience covers residential office buildings, developments, schools, universities and restaurants. Her life purpose is to improve people’s lives by utilizing nature’s laws and principals.