What can Feng Shui do for you, your home and your business? 

Feng Shui provides guidelines to take advantage of the natural and man made features that surround you as well as redirect some of these features to enhance their influence in your life.


  • The most important Feng Shui aspects of your home are the position of the front door, your stove and your bed.
  • Your home’s front door provides the energy from outside affecting your finances.
  • Your stove influences your health and finances.
  • Your bed when placed in the right position and direction will provide you a good night sleep increasing your energy helping you to perform better.
  • A home with Feng Shui provides good finances, harmonious relationships and good health.


  • Feng Shui facilitates better productivity in your business for better profits.
  • Improve personal relationships, bringing more harmony among company’s employees.
  • The aspects to be considered for Feng Shui in your business are outside environment, front door, cash register, position of the owner, management office and front desk.